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These are the earliest known photos of Grampa and Gramma Bashant. The photo of Gramp is cropped from a class photo. He was born in 1883. Gramma from an early portrait, she was born in 1888. I can't officially date these pictures...turn of the century.  They married August 7, 1907. My father was born a year later. There is a photo of them together (see Bashant Family Page) likely in a late 1907 time frame.  These photos are clearly a younger version of those.         

Gramma and Grampa Bashant as we best remember them

My objective with this website is to share what we've learned about our family history in a search that began nearly thirty years ago with these pictures I took of Peter Kelley and Marcella Abear's gravestone in Holy Name Cemetery, Clinton County; my first real "hit".  Prior to that I had spent many hours at the archives in Washington, DC looking through micro files in film. After a few hours of that, you begin to not care where you came from or who got you here! 

A great deal of credit goes to Bill Jr., who did tireless research in libraries and church archives from Albany all the way to Montreal. Lowell Bashaw (Orofino, ID), Mark Bachand (Milton, VT) and Charles Bachand (Montreal, Canada) all who generously shared the information they gained in their own family searches. Charles has a website that can be found at [La genealogie des Bachand].

In addition since I began this website in July of 2006, I've met several additional [cousins] who have been instrumental in adding content, photos and research. These include:

Melissa Knights Lattin, who traces her Bashaw roots to Victoria Bashaw Moore. Melissa is responsible for the tab on census reports as well as keeping me going, including editing for text errors. She really made me aware of the value of the census reports. 

David Young, who traces his Bashaw roots to Louis Bashaw and Catherine Godney. He provided the picture of Louis Olivier Greenleaf Bashaw and Katherine Dandurand a tintype of the 1870's and represented an incredible find. I have spent years just trying to identify the names of the parents of Robert Bashaw. To now have a photo of them was amazing.           

Mary Bashaw Ratliff, who has helped name  Bashaw family  members and bring perspective to the Bashaw branch.

Family trace can be challenging. Source material can be confusing due to transcription errors, lost archives, conflicting information, and frankly, human memory loss. There can be confusing mixes of dates and names in public records for the same person, but with enough evidence a reasonable connection can be made. Sources can be church records, census reports, death certificates, cemetery stones, and word of mouth. I'll cover this in more detail on coming pages because I found it to be a very interesting part of putting the story together.

This site is dedicated to the Bashant family name and won't contain any current family newsletter information; instead - only what is acceptable in the public domain. It should be of interest to anyone who can trace their lineage to Solomon Moses Bashaw/Bashant and Ella Maude LaBounty Bashant of Tupper Lake, NY. The starting point of out line is Nicholas dit Vertefeuille Bachan/Bachand, born in Paris, France, 1667. I've organized this site according to the file headings at the top of this homepage, and have attempted to fill in a few of the blanks in a story that covers nine generations. I hope you find reading it as interesting as I found organizing it. If you have comments, corrections or additional information, please let me know.

Bachan > Bachand > Vertefeuille/Greenleaf > Bashaw > Bashant

I. Nicolas Bachan - Marie Noelle Pineau [France]

II. Nicolas Bachan dit Vertefeuille  - Anne Lamoureux [Canada] 

III. Joseph Bachan dit Vertefeuille - Louise Angelique Cirier [Canada]

IV. Pierre Bachan Vertefeuille - Marie Elisabeth Foisey LaFreniere[Canada]

V. Michel Bachand Vertefeuille - Marie Therese Chevalier [Labbe] [Canada]

VI. Louis Olivier Vertefeuille [Greenleaf] Bachand/Olivier Bashaw -  Catherine Dandurand [Canada - NY]

VII. [Gilbert] Robert Greenleaf Bashaw - Pauline Raymond [Canada - VT/NY]

VIII. Olivier Vertefeuille Bachand/Levi Bashaw/Bashant - Marcella Kelley [VT - NY]

IX. Solomon Moses Bashaw/Bashant - Ella Maude LaBounty [NY]

See the detailed perspective under Bachan/Bachand History tab



July 29, 2006 - Added Subpage to Bashant Page titled Railroad Vignettes. Open "Bashant" Page to access.

August 5, 2006 - Added Subpage to Bashaw Page titled Bashaw Vignettes. Initially this will be a series of interesting clips that have been taken from census data. I did some rework to Bashant page and added two pictures. I added some minor clarification to "Read Me" Page.

August 12, 2006 - Added a significant amount of information to the Census reports on "Bashaw" Page. Renamed the tab to Census 1850 - 1930.

August 27, 2006 - Added tribute to three brothers who served in WWII. See "Bashant" Page.

October 7, 2006 - Added great new photo-documentation of monument in Boucherville, PQ. See important photographic section added to "Bachand" page. Also photographs of cemetery stones for Victoria Bashaw, "Bashaw" Page and Alexander Bashant on "Notices of Deaths" Page.

October 23, 2006 - Important addition of Olivier Bashaw and Catherine Dandurand to Bachand page including Obit and scan of tin type photo of the couple. This is a very important find for many Bachand/Bashaw/Bashant in NY and New England who most likely trace their roots to this couple.

October 28, 2006 - Added detailed lineage of Nicholas Bachan I and Marie Pinson in Bachand Historic Perspective tab. Added write up regarding Bachant France under that tab name.

November 25, 2006 - Added family reunion picture of Robert Greenleaf Bashaw and Pauline Raymond Bashaw with all sons and daughters taken in 1904.

March 10, 2007 - Added 55th Anniversary for Gramp and Gramma on Bashant page, materials for Railroad Vignettes on that page. Gramma Bashant Obit, Notices od Deaths page. Picture of all 10 Bashant siblings from the late '70s on Bashant page.

June 14, 2008 - Added photos provided by Cheryl Bashaw Tilly to Bashaw page. Moved some materials around to more logical locations.

August 27, 2008 - Added many newly found photos inter-mixed in Bashaw and Bashant pages. Scroll down the pages to see them.

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 Many of the railroad photos on the railroad vignettes page come from the museum at Blue Mountain Lake I found in various news articles. I have stopped there enroute to Tupper Lake in its early years and it is refreshing that they are doing so much to document the rich history of the region. They are growing their displays and now have an annex up in Saranac Lake. You should find this link interesting. 

 Charles Bachand has done so much to document the Bachan/Bachand Geneology and all of us who are Bachan/Vertefeuille/Greenleaf/Bashaw/Bashant appreciate all his work. This is a site full of people in our gene pool.

 Bachant France - We believe we trace our origins directly to this Town in Northern France. Although mostly written in French, I thought I would share this site with you. If you search Bachant, France you will find many interesting historic tidbits. I have placed some of what I have found about Bachant on the Bachant, FR page. Anything you find that will add depth to our family story would be appreciated.

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