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Some interesting insights come from looking at Census records in Clinton, Franklin and Essex Counties, NY and Franklin County, VT. I will share some of those as short bullet points. Please trust Bachand. Vertefeuille, Greenleaf, Bashaw and Bashant to be one in the same family name. Read tab "Read Me" for further clarification. Census reports are based on "Head of Household", in some instances it is important to understand that when you read the order of house occupancy.

Our focus begins with Olivier Greenleaf (Vertefeuille/Bachand) and Katherine Dandurand. They first appear in US Census reports in 1850. I would expect they moved to the US from Canada between 1840 and 1850. If they were here before the 1840 Census, then they would have been listed in a house where there was a different head of household.

1850 Census

  • In the 1850 Census for Clinton County Town of Peru, NY - Olivier Greenleaf and Catherine (Dandurand) are age approximately 40 They have 7 children at home. Robert 18, Louis 15, Phobe 13, Melde 11, Delia 9, Joseph 4 and Julia 2.
  • Olivier and Robert are listed as laborers. 

1860 Census

  • In the 1860 Census for Clinton County Town of Peru, NY - Olivier Greenleaf and Catherine (Dandurand) are age approximately 50. They have living at home Joseph 15 and Mary 7.
  • In the 1860 Census for Franklin County Swanton Vermont - Robert Greenleaf and wife Polly (Appoline Raymond) are age 27 and 23. They have at home; Olivier (Levi) 5, Marcalia 3 and Amelia 2.
  • Olivier is listed as a Collier [I don't know what a Collier is either].
  • Robert is listed as a Day Laborer

1870 Census

  • In the 1870 Census for Clinton County Town of Blackbrook, NY -Olivier Greenleaf and Catherine (Dandurand) are both at age approximately 60. They have a boarder named Delia Taylor age 12, who may have been orphaned. She is in the Town of Peru. NY 1860 census at age 1, living with parents Frederick and Phebe Taylor and 3 year old sister Phebe A.
  • Next door to Olivier and Catherine are Ambroise Abear and his wife Matilda and 6 children. [Ambroise is the younger brother of Marcella Abear Kelley. See next bullet comment.]
  •  Four houses away Peter and Marcella (Abear) Kelly, ages 45 and 40, are raising a very large family of 9, including a daughter, Marcella, who is age 12. Marcella will marry Levi Bashaw, who is the grandson of Olivier and Katherine. Levi's parents are Robert and Polly (Appoline Raymond) Greenleaf.
  • In the 1870 Census report for Franklin County Swanton, VT - Robert and Polly Greenleaf are raising their family of 8 in Swanton. [Their oldest, Levi, is age 15. Marcella and Levi will marry in 1881 in Peasleyville, NY. and have 6 children. The second oldest is Solomon; Grampa Bashant]  
  • Olivier and Robert are listed as a day laborers.

1880 Census

  • In the 1880 Census for Clinton County; Peasleyville, NY - Olivier and Catherine Greenleaf are at age approximately 70, again with a boarder. This time an adult named John Goodrich.
  • Robert and Polly (Appoline Raymond) Bashaw have moved back from Swanton, Vermont and live next door. They have adopted the surname Bashaw. Levi, who would now be 25, is out of the house; as is another son, Gilbert at age 22. But they have added two, so their numbers remain the same; 8 children at home - ranging from 4 to 24.   
  • [Levi will marry Marcella Kelly in the next year and move to Swanton, VT to run a general store.]
  • Olivier and Robert are listed as farmers during this period. 

1890 Census

  • The 1890 Census was destroyed in a Washington DC fire.

1900 Census

  • In the 1900 Census for Essex County, Keene, NY - Levi Bashant and Marcella are ages 46 and 43. They have 5 children at home; Solomon 16, Victoria 13, Albert 10, Clemis 6 and Georgianna 2.
  • Also living in the house as well are 11 individuals who are described as boarders and as servants.  
  • Levi is listed as a day laborer. [so I don't expect that the servants are serving the Bashant's they appear to be cooks, drivers and waitresses].
  • Solomon is listed as attending school. [I believe everyone over 16 has to have a listed employment description]   
  • In the 1900 Census for Clinton County, Blackbrook, NY - Robert Bashaw and Polly (Appoline Raymond) are age 64 and 62. They have one child at home, Joseph 32.
  • Robert is listed as a Farmer.
  • Joseph is listed as a Farm Laborer

1910 Census

  • In the 1910 Census for Franklin County, Tupper Lake Junction, NY - Levi Bashant and Marcella (Kelley) live on Washington Street, their ages 55 and 51. They have living at home: Albert 18, Clemis 16 and Georgianna 11.
  • Amazingly also on Washington Street in a different house [I can't get house numbers from these census reports and these are different pages of the same Census] are Adelard LaBounty and wife Anna (Anderson) ages 52 and 46. They have living with them daughter Ella LaBounty Bashant and son-in-law Solomon Bashant ages 21 and 27 respectively; and their two grandchildren, Gordon 2 and Lester 1 - as well as three additional children of their own; William 17, George 15 and Beulah 13.  
  • Levi is listed as a Laborer in a Mill.
  • Adelard is listed as a Shipper in a Sawmill
  • Solomon is listed as a Jointer in a Sawmill

1920 Census

  • In the 1920 Census for Franklin County, Tupper Lake Junction, NY - Solomon Bashant and wife Ella (LaBounty) are living on Washington Street, their ages are 36 and 31. They have 6 children at this time; Gordon, Lester, Dorothy, Howard, Norman and Kenneth. Also living with them is Beulah LaBounty sister-in-law, at age 22. 
  • Soloman is listed as a Fireman for the Railroad.
  • Beulah is listed as a laborer in a Foundry.  
  • In the 1920 Census for Essex County, Lake Placid Village, NY Joseph Moore and his wife Victoria (Bashaw) ages 36 and 33 have 2 sons at home; Vernal 14 and Luvern 1. Also living with them are Levi Bashaw 64, father-in-law, Marcella (Kelley) 62, mother-in-law and Albert Bashaw 28, brother-in-law.

1930 Census    

  • In the 1930 Census for Franklin County, Tupper Lake Junction, NY - Solomon Bashant and wife Ella (LaBounty) are living on Washington Street, their ages are 47 and 41. They have 11 children at home; Gordon 21, Lester 20, Dorothy 18, Howard 16, Norman 13, Kenneth 12, Floyd 9, Myrtle 7, Rolland 6, Theresa 3 and Marion 1. [Their ages, at this Census, range from 21 to 1 all living at 43 Washington Street, a three bedroom house with one bathroom.]
  • Solomon and Gordon are listed as Firemen for the Railroad.
  • [This particular Census was taken in April. In the next year (January 1931) Gordon will move to Utica and marry my mother and in about 5 months later (July 1931) Myrtle will drown at Little Wolfe Pond].
  • Next door are William and Mabel LaBounty at ages 36 and 30 with 4 children. [William is 1 of 2 younger brothers of Gramma Bashant.]