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Photograph courtesy of Harry, Oril and Mary Bashaw (Mary Ratliff) grandchildren of Fredrick, pictured above


Family of Robert Bashaw and Pauline [Raymond]

This family reunion was photographed 15/16 August 1904 capturing all family members with Robert and Pauline center with children identified clockwise from left:

1. Frank (1866 - 1951) married to Delina Miner (Pictured below)


Anna (Mrs. 1. Mose Chamberland - 2. Hilary Douglas)

Margurerite (Mrs Clemis Bashaw - first cousin)

Marie (Mrs. Romeo Daignault)

Noah - Never married

Francis (Elizabeth McKee) 

2. Joseph (1868) never married

3. Julia (1879) (Pictured below) married to Samuel McKee


Mildred (Mrs. George LaDuke) Pictured below

Myrtle (Mrs. Peter LaDuke) Pictured below

Gladys (Mrs Guy Wright)

Elizabeth (Mrs. Francis Bashaw - Cousin)

Genevieve (Mrs. Raymond Frenia)

4. Xavier (1874) married to Rose Miner


Theodore (Status unknown)

5. Louis (1864) married Elizabeth Bombard


Arthur (Lila Frenia)

6. Emily (????) Married Moses Beauleau

Children: Two sons and Daughters

7. Robert John (1860) married 1. Nettie Akey & 2. Matilda Kelley (pictured below.)

Child: Oril with Nettie Akey

8. Fredrick Charles (1870 - 1948) married Anna Louise Dubay


Edgar Archie (Ethel Nina Desourdy)

Evelyn Ann (Peter Charles LaPier)

Leon Charles (Elizabeth Dorothy Bushey)

9. Martha Greenleaf (1857 - 1938) Pictured below married Thomas Snye (Thomas signed the death certificate of Robert Bashaw, see deaths page)

Children: Henry (Leona LaMarche); Pauline (Mrs. Charles Dubay); Julia (Mrs. Fred Borette; Melvina (Mrs. Willard Boyce)

10. Levi (1854 - 1936) married Marcella Kelley (pictured below)


Alexander (Delia Miner)

Solomon (Ella Maude LaBounty)

Victoria (Mrs Joseph Moore)

Albert (Lillian)

Georgianna (Mrs. Frank Faveau)

Clemis (Marguerite Bashaw - Cousin)

Mary Ellen (died as infant)


 1904 News Clipping


Late 1990's Class Photo

Solomon (Grandpa Bashant - still a Bashaw) is third from the right top row


Alexander and Solomon Bashaw

Interestingly these two brothers changed their names to Bashant and their offspring carried the name forward. Their siblings remained Bashaw.

Bashaw 1928 Family photo - (front) Levi - Marcella - Alexander

(Rear) Georgianna (Favreau) - Clemis - Solomon - Albert - Victoria (Moore)

Between 1928 and 1931 - Levi with remaining children (After death of Alexander and before the death of Victoria)  (Rear) Victoria - Levi - Georgianna  (Front) Albert - Solomon - Clemis

1918 - Pauline Raymond Bashaw (Mrs. Robert Bashaw) surrounded by daughters and daughters-in-law. From left in photo:

1 - Marcella Kelley Bashaw married to Levi Bashaw, daughter-in-law to Pauline

2 - Martha Bashaw Snye married to Thomas Snye, daughter to Pauline

3 - Julia Bashaw McKee married to Sam McKee, daughter to Pauline

4 - Elizabeth Bombard Bashaw married to Louis Bashaw, daughter-in-law to Pauline

5 - Matilda Kelley Bashaw married to Robert John Bashaw, daughter-in-law to Pauline.

A further note on Matilda - she is the sister of Marcella. So Pauline is flanked by these two Kelley sisters. Matilda and Robert are buried on the Kelley plot in Holy Name Cemetery ( stone photo on home page).

1919 Bashaw Family group photo with many recognizable faces, most not as yet. On the left is Joseph Moore (husband of Victoria) and Robert Greenleaf Bashaw,  in uniform between two young girls is Albert; further down in dark suit is Clemis and on the end of the front row is Delina Minor Bashaw (wife of Frank Bashaw). In the rear row, Alexander is in dark suit with white collar; further down is Levi and Marcella. As we identify other Bashaw's in this photo, I will add to the list.

Pictured from left: Mildred McKee (Mrs. George LaDuke), Clemis Bashaw, Myrtle McKee (Mrs. Peter LaDuke) and Clemis' and Grampa Bashant's mother, Marcella Kelley (Mrs. Levi Bashaw) on the right. Clemis was married to Margeret Bashaw, his first cousin. They adopted Vernal and Joan. The Mother of Mildred and Myrtle is represented in the above picture by way of Julia Bashaw McKee. Marcella Kelley Bashaw is represented in the photo above in earlier times.

Deer Hunting was a big part of Bashaw men - The following is a series of photos at hunt camps during different years.

Levi Bashaw (center rear) then (Unidentified left behind reeds) - Percy (Son of Alexander) To the right of Levi is Albert  and Solomon (Grandpa Bashant)

Solomon - father Levi and two unidentified hunters.

Levi Bashaw does the clean up

evi Levi Bashaw far right with four sons; Solomon (Grandpa Bashant) on left. The others are Alexander, Albert and Clemis.

Levi Bashaw far left; Alexander and Solomon also standing - Foreground, Percy son of Alexander and Clemis (on one knee).

Deer hunt brought to Slaughter - Alexander Bashant front third from right

Joseph Moore - Victoria Bashaw

Victoria Bashaw was the daughter of Levi and Marcella (Kelley) Bashaw, she married Joseph Moore and lived in Lake Placid Village where they raised two sons Vernal and Luvern. A daughter Thelma died shortly after her birth. They adopted a daughter Rose as an older child. Levi and Marcella lived with Victoria and Joseph during a portion of their waining years. 

Victoria was a frail individual and died quite young at 45  November 28, 1931 and is buried in St Alphonsus Cemetery, Tupper Lake, NY. Joseph Died, also in Tupper Lake, March 9, 1937.

The stone pictured above is the reverse side of Alexander Bashant's stone, Victoria's brother, who died in 1928. See "notices of deaths" tab.

Undated Teen portrait of Georgianna and Victoria Bashaw, Sisters of Grandpa Bashant taken in Swanton Vermont. Signed on the back by Georgianna (To Louis Gur.... from Georgianna very scripty and could be read as Gorianna) Their father Levi ran a country store in Swanton for a period of time before moving his family back to the Tupper Lake area.

Approximately 1920 photo - This great photo of a Bashaw farm was provided by Cheryl Bashaw Tilly who traces back to Frank Bashaw (Pictured above in Bashaw Family Photo). The photo is Frank's wife Delina Miner.

Stone for Frank Bashaw and Delina Miner Bashaw. Frank pictured above with parents and siblings, Deline pictured above in farmyard photo Also on the stone are Francis Bashaw and his wife Elizebeth McKee Bashaw. Francis is the son of Frank and Delina. Elizebeth is the daughter of Julia and Frank McKee pictured below. Photo supplied by Cheryl Bashaw Tilly.

Cheryl offers the following on her Great Grandfather Frank Bashaw; "He worked in the production of charcoal - had an accident and fell into one of the charcoal pits. His legs got badly burned and they had to amputate them just above the knees. He wore wooden legs with straps and could walk only using crutches."

Julia Bashaw (photo above with her mother Pauline) and husband Sam McKee  Photo supplied by Cheryl Bashaw Tilly

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