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Undated Photo - Assumed to be soon after marriage of Grandpa and Grandma Bashant Aug 1907). Note on back identifies Ed & Kate Sullivan (left) and Sol & Ella Bashant (right)

43 Washington Street - Grandma and Grandpa Bashant raised 11 children in this modest 3 bedroom house. It was rented from the Brooklin Cooperage and originally occupied by Grandpa (Adelard) and Grandma (Anna Anderson) LaBounty. Grandma Bashant and her siblings grew up here. In the 1910 census it is reported that Adelard, Anna, Grandma Bashant, her siblings (Beulah, George and William) as well as husband Solomon and two children Gordon (2) and           Lester (1).   

Gramma Bashant - backyard of 43 Washington Street

Grampa (Adelard) LaBounty [father of Grandma Bashant] He had severe arthritis in his hands notice his knuckles. He was a logger and handled the horse rigs that drew logs to the processing mill. See Tupper Lake page.

News article identifying last run from Grampa Bashant, accompanied by sons Gordon and Floyd.

Grampa - June '58                             Gramma - July '60

Bashant Family Reunion - July 1963      

Pictured are (top) Floyd, Howard, Gramp, Gramma, Ken, Rolly, (middle) Dorothy, Marion, Theresa, Gladys (wife of Gordon) (bottom) Martin (husband of Dorothy), Marge (wife of Floyd) Pauline (wife of Rolly), Edward (husband of Theresa), Marge (wife of Ken) 

World War II Pride in Brothers Three

For many of us, it was these pictures of three beloved uncles that prepared us for military service. I grew up seeing these photos and news clipping in our family scrapbook.

      Uncle Floyd            Uncle Norman          Uncle Rolley

Uncle Norman third from the left

News Article - Utica Observer Dispatch

More Bashant Siblings

  Gordon [my Father]          Aunt Marion          Aunt Dorothy

Bashant Siblings - 10 [Circa late 1970's] during Family Reunion Schenectady, NY

Marion;  Lester;  Kenneth;  Dorothy;  Rolland;  Gordon;  Norman;  Floyd;  Howard;  Theresa

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