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Decendants of Nicholas Bachan and Marie Pinson of Paris, France

1 - Nicholas BachanMarie Pinson
Occ: Carpenter  
2 - Nicholas Bachan dit Vertefeuille

2 - Nicholas Bachan dit VertefeuilleAnne Lamoureux
b: 1667, St.-Cloud, Ile De Franceb: 3 Sep 1678, Ile Ste. Margueritte
d: 26 Feb 1709, Boucherville, PQd: 15 Jul 1757 Boucherville, PQ
occ: Soldier, Farmerocc: Homemaker
Nicholas BachanLouis Lamoureux (1640 - 1715)
Marie PinsonFancoise Boivin (1642 - 1717)
Nicholas Bachan dit Vertefeuille
Jean Baptiste Bachan dit Vertefeuille
Marie Madeleine Bachan/Bachand
3 - Joseph Bachan dit Vertefeuille
Francois Bachan dit Vertefeuille
Jean Baptiste Bachan dit Vertefeuille

3 - Joseph Bachan dit VertefeuilleLouise-Angelique Cirier
b: 7 Oct 1704, Bouchervilleb: 27 July 1714, Pointe-Claire, Montreal
d: 9 Dec 1747, Vercheresd:
occ:occ: Homemaker
Nicholas Bachan dit Vertefeuille (1767 - 1709)Martin Cirier Argenteuil (1678 - 1751)
Anne Lamoureux (1678 - 1757)Marie Anne Beaune LaFranchise (1678 - 1764)
Joseph Bachand/Bachamp/Bachant
Marie Angelique Bachan/Bachand
M. Charlotte Therese Bachan
Louis Bachan dit Vertefeuille
Joseph Jacques Bachan
Jean Baptiste Bachan/Bachamp/Bachand
Marie Anne Bachan/Bachamp
4 - Pierre Bachan/Bachamp dit Vertefeuille
Francois Xavier Bachant [died as infant]
Marie Brigitte Bachant
Veronique Bachan/Bachamp
Francois Bachant [died as infant]

4 - Pierre Bachan/Bachamp dit VertefeuilleMarie Elisabeth Foisy Lafreniere
b: 22 Feb 1742, Vercheresb: 9 Jan 1752, Vercheres
d: 9 Sep 1785d:
occ:occ: Homemaker
Joseph Bachan dit Vertefeuille (1704 - 1747)Francois Foisy Lafreniere
Louise Angelique Cirier (1714 - Marie Isabelle Vegiard Labonte
Elisabeth Bachamp/Bacham
Marie Appoloine Bachamp/Bacham
Francois Barnabe Bachamp
Jean Baptiste Bachamp/Bachan
5 - Michel Bachand
Mathias Pierre Bachamp/Bachant
Marie Amable Bachamp
Marie Marguerite Bachamp/Bacham[?]
Joseph Bacham[?]

5- Michel BachandMarie Therese Chevalier [Labbe]
b: Nov 1775b: 5 May 1769, St-Charles-Sur-Richelieu
d: 9 Sep 1816d: 15 Jan 1813, Vercheres
occ: Farmerocc: Homemaker
Pierre Bachan/Bachamp dit VertefeuillePierre Chevalier
Marie Elisabeth Foisy LafreniereMarie Charlotte Gipouloux
Michael Bachand
Joseph Bachand
Augustin Bachand/Bechamp
Francois Xavier Bachand
Clement Bachan
Emelie Bachand/Bachan
6 - Louis [Olivier] Bachand Vertefeuille

6 - Louis [Olivier] Bachand Vertefeuille/GreenleafCatherine Dandurand
b: 1804b: 1811
d: 9 Sep 1897d: 14 Jan 1898
occ: Farmer, Day Laborerocc: Homemaker
Michel Bachand (1775 - 1816)Jean Baptiste Dandurand
Marie Therese Chevalier [Labbe] (1769 - 1813)Katherine Bernard
7 - Robert Greenleaf/Bashaw
Louis Bachand
Phoebe Bachand
Melda Bachand
Delia Bachand
Joseph Bachand
Julia Bachand

7 - Robert Greenleaf/Bashaw Pauline Marie Raymond
b: 3 Sep 1833b:
d: 11 May 1920, Redford, NYd: 20 Apr 1927
occ: Farmer, Day Laborerocc: Homemaker
Louis [Olivier] Bachand/Vertefeuille/Greenleaf (1804 - 1897)Julien Raymond
Catherine Dandurand (1811 - 1898)Josephite St. Jean
8 - Oliver (Levi) Bashaw
Robert Bashaw
Louis Bashaw
Joseph Bashaw
Frank Bashaw
Fred Bashaw
Exave (Xavier) Bashaw
Rose Bashaw (Mrs. Beauleau)
Martha Greenleaf (Mrs. Thomas Snye)
Julia Bashaw (Mrs. McKee)

8 - Oliver (Levi) BashawMarcella Kelley
b: 31 Jan 1855, Keeseville, NY b: 14 Oct 1857, Beekmantown, NY
d: 6 Feb 1936, Plattsburg, NYd: 29 Oct 1929, Ogdensburg, NY
occ: Mill Laborer, Rail Road Laborerocc: Homemaker
Robert Greenleaf/Bashaw (1833 - 1920)Peter Kelley (1823 - 1904)
Pauline Marie Raymond ( - 1927)Marcella Abear (1830 - 1901)
Alexander Bashaw/Bashant
9 - Solomon Moses Bashaw/Bashant
Victoria Bashaw (Mrs. Joseph Moore)
Albert Bashaw
Georgianna Bashaw (Mrs. Favreau)
Clemis Bashaw
Mary Ellen Bashaw (Died as infant)

9 - Solomon Moses Bashaw/BashantElla Maude LaBounty
b: 12 Apr 1883, Keene Valley, NYb: 22 Aug 1888, Hull, PQ Canada
d: 15 Nov 1964, Tupper Lake, NYd: 25 Jun 1964, Tupper Lake, NY
occ: Rail Road Engineerocc: Homemaker
Oliver (Levi) Bashaw (1855 - 1936)Adelard LaBounty 1858 - 1943)
Marcella Kelley (1857 - 1929)Anna Anderson (1863 - 1911)
10 - Gordon Howard  Bashant
Lester Bashant
Dorothy Bashant (Mrs. Martin Chichester)
Howard Bashant
Norman Bashant
Kenneth Bashant
Floyd Bashant
Myrtle Bashant
Rolland Bashant
Theresa Bashant (Mrs. Edward Woulf)
Marion Bashant

Historic Perspective

Nicholas dit Vertifeuille Bachan/Bachand is well documented. There are many families who retained the Bachand name. Some commentary on Nicholas:

"Nicholas Bachan dit Vertefeuille, born in St-Clou, archbishop's palace of Paris, towards 1667, formed part of the 131 immigrants come from Ile-de-France between 1680 and 1700. He was the son of Nicholas, carpenter and Marie Pinson. The first document, attesting his presence in New-France, is its marriage contract with Anne Lamoureux signed in front of the notary Michel Moreau on February 13, 1692. Anne Lamoureux, girl of Louis Lamoureux and Francoise Boivin had only thirteen years and half with the signature of the contract, so that the religious ceremony take place ten months later, December 4, 1692 in Boucherville.

According to any probability, Nicholas would have arrived to New-France, as soldier of the companies of the navy which accompanied the new governor, the marquis de Denonville, in 1685. He was then 18 years old, the minimum age for enroler like soldiers. Denonville received the instructions of its departure for New-France directly of king, Louis XIV and of his Minister for the navy, Seignelay , March 17 or 19, 1685, in Versailles. It is extremely probable that the recruitment of the soldiers began in the Paris area.

The contract of service was then 6 years. Nicholas Bachan would thus have been released from the army at the end of 1691. At the time, the soldiers spent the winter among inhabitants of the country and took again their military service come spring. It probably at the time of one of these winters passed to Louis Lamoureux whom it made the knowledge of Anne that he married into 1692.

Anne will receive, of her father Louis Lamoureux, a sixth of the Ste-Marguerite Island, forming part of the Percées Islands of the seigniory of the Cape of Varennes, August 7, 1694. It is only in 1707, whereas the family counts 5 children, that Nicholas will rent a ground of Louis Lamoureux, for five years with the help of the taxable quotas and revenues, plus 200 pounds per year.

A sixth child, J. Baptiste will be born on February 28, 1709, one month before the death of Nicholas, who will be buried with the cemetery of the parish of Ste-famille of Boucherville, February 27, 1709 at the 42 years age. Anne Lamoureux will survive to him more than 48 years without remarry, although it is only 31 years old with 6 children of which elder A 15 years; she dies on July 15, 1757 and is buried the 16th, in the cemetery of Boucherville.

Anne Lamoureux will be able to manage well since four of its sons state to have several grounds at the time of their marriage. One of son, François will die at the 20 years age, whereas he was already tenant of one ground in the Ste-Marguerite Island. Madeleine, the only girl of the couple, will marry Paul Christin, main shoemaker.

The elder son, Nicholas, will be established in Lachenaie, Jean B. in Boucherville, Joseph in Verchères. [Joseph is our connection to Nicholas and Anne] And the last son, J. Baptiste, will found a family in Assumption."

The following will add to the historic perspective on why Nicholas might have ventured to New France [Quebec]. This text is about an immigrant that might closely parallel Nicholas' experiences.

"In 1663 King Louis XIV of France decided to cancel the charter of the Company of New France (Canada) and make New France (Canada) into a royal province, with a Governor as the ceremonial and military head of the colony. In addition to creating a royal colony, the King sent a military commander, Alexandre de Prouville, the marquis de Tracy, and a regiment of soldiers who in 1666 defeated the Iroquois and forced them to make peace. It was then possible to proceed to populate and develop New France (Canada). More than 3,000 settlers, including girls of marriageable age, were sent out in the 1660s. Few followed thereafter, but by natural increase the population began to expand rapidly.

Several colonists were tempted by the adventure in New-France (Canada), because they were unable to earn their living in France or to carry out their ambitions. Curiously, for Massicotte, descendants of the ancestor Jacques Massicot, it seems that the idea to come here was a random decision. Jacques Massicot, whose name will become Massicotte, was born in 1661. A document will say he originated from " St-Pierre of Gist ", verified by people in Saintonge, But the signed genealogical search by Edward Zotique Massicotte details a village named St.-Pierre Cisq that is now disappeared. The parents of Massicot, Jacques and Jeanne Landry wanted their son to travel to New-France (Canada)."

A Bachand Family Farm

Domina Bachand and 2nd wife, Marie-Louise Desmarais

Standing; From his first marriage son Alberic Bachand and Daughter Ona Bachand Chicoine. Front, their children Reginald and Florianne.

This photo was taken about 1922 in St Liboire, Quebec, Canada. I do not attempt to place them in our direct family tree, but there are few enough Bachand photos that this is meant to add to the historic perspective. But I do see a family resemblance to Robert Greenleaf Bashaw - See Bashaw Page.