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In 1967, a monument was erected to honor the first families to settle Boucherville, PQ then "New France, Canada".  The monument is located in front of the Town Hall in Boucherville, and can be seen in the photo to the left of the display map below.

Photos courtesy of Howard Josephson

Translation courtesy of Jean Claude St-Martin

The Jean GAREAU and Pierre GAREAU's descendants with nickname Saintonge pay homage to their ancestors, pioneers of Boucherville ( 1670 ) to whom Mr Pierre BOUCHER, lord of the manor of Boucherville, has given/conceded officially and respectively the original shares # 28 and # 38, April 4,1673. Written/done this 4th day of April of grace's year 1997.

Association of Families GAREAU

There are two family names that are important to decendants of Nicholas Bachand dit Vertefeuille. Of course "Bachand" 2nd on the list honors Nicholas. But also honored is the family name Lamoureux, third from the bottom in the center column. This will be Louis Lamoureux, who became Nicholas' father-in-law when Nicholas married his daughter Anne.

This plaque is 40 years old and the effects of the environment are beginning to take its toll, making it more difficult to read. Special thanks to Howard Josephson for recording this special piece of Bachand history.


On November 16, 1830 Louis Olivier Bachand Vertefeuille son of Michel Bachand and Marie Therese Chevalier married Catherine Dandurand daughter of Jean Baptiste Dandurand and Katherine Bernard in St-Athanas, Iberville, PQ Canada. They moved to the US to be recorded in the 1850 Census as Olivier Greenleaf and Catherine Dandurand (See Census reports on Bashaw Page) with several children.

 Catherine Dandurand - Olivier Bashaw - Mrs. Sweeney

Picture courtesy of David Young

This picture is from a tin-type photo taken perhaps in a 1860 - 1870 time frame. The photo was passed down from Maud Bachand (pictured below in Louis Bachand Family Photo). Maud married into the Gilbert Young, settling in the Swanton, Vermont area. The picture has been provided courtesy of David Young, Grandson to Maud. Identified in the picture are Olivier Greenleaf (Bashaw) and Catherine Dandurand (to his right) and his sister Mrs. Sweeney (first name not documented - The only recorded sister to Olivier was Emelie, according to the Charles Bachand research project)  


Notice of death Robert Bashaw (May 11, 1920)

Mrs. Thomas Snye is daughter Martha, pictured on Bashaw Page. Thomas Snye witnessed Robert Bashaw's death certificate. See Notices of death page for Death Certificate for Robert Bashaw.


Picture courtesy of Mark Bachand

Bachand Family

Louis Vertefeuille Bachand and Catherine Godney (seated), surrounded by their children. From upper left, Henry, Mary, Charles, Emma, Louis Jr., Maud, George, and Olivier.

Mark Bachand sent me this picture of his great great great grandfather, Louis, and family. Louis was my great great granduncle, brother to Robert, my great great grandfather. Thus, the common ancestors shared with our branch of Bashants and Mark's Bachands are Louis Sr. and Robert's parents, Olivier Greenleaf Bashaw and Catherine Dandurand.

Louis Sr.'s family settled in and around Swanton, Vermont. Robert went to Vermont and eventually moved his family back to upstate New York. See Census reports on Bashaw page. Robert's oldest son, Levi Bashaw, moved back to Swanton shortly after his marriage to Marcella Kelley. He ran a general store there for about ten years before returning to Tupper Lake to work on a wrecking crew for the New York Central Railroad. (You can find Levi's obituary under the file marked "Notices of Deaths" at the top of the webpage.)

Monument to Louis Hebert

We are related to Louis Hebert, the founder of Quebec City, as his decendent line leads to our Katherine Dandurand.

Louis Hebert (1575-1626/27) marr. July 1, 1602, St Germain-Des-Pres, Paris : Marie Rollet/Rolet 


Guillaume Hebert (1604-1639) marr. Oct. 1, 1634, Notre Dame, Quebec > Helen Desportes   

Francoise Hebert (1637/38-1715/16) marr. Nov. 20, 1651 , Notre Dame, Quebec > Guillaume Fournier   

Jacquette Fournier (1659-1735/36) marr. June 5, 1673, Notre Dame de Quebec, > Jean Proulx  

Jean-Baptiste Proulx (b. 1677), marr. June 14, 1701, in St Thomas, Montmagny > Louise Rousseau


Veronique Proulx (b.1716) marr. Jan. 13, 1737/38, in St-Thomas, Montmagny, Quebec > Antoine Dandurand-Marcheterre  

Michel Dandurand-Marcheterre marr. Nov. 5, 1782, in Baie St-Paul, Charlevoix, Quebec,  > Marguerite Durbois

Jean-Baptiste Dandurand marr. Feb, 25, 1811, in St-Luc, St-Jean, Quebec > Catherine Bernard-Chamberland 

Catherine Dandurand (1811-1898) marr. Nov. 16, 1830, in St-Athanase, Iberville, Quebec > Oliver Louis Bachand dit Vertefeuille (1804-1897)

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